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The Cal Poly International Club is a social club for international students and American students who are interested in meeting international friends and exploring the USA together.

Our events throughout the year include camping trips, local hikes, beach parties, potluck dinners, visits to SLO Farmer's Market, pumpkin carving at Halloween, and whatever else students decide they want to do.

How can I learn more about upcoming events?

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Meet the International Club Officers


Yuqi Wen

Hello! My name is Yuqi Wen and I am a 2nd Business Administration major student. I am from Guangzhou, China, a city famous for its delicious cuisine. I enjoy traveling, watching movies, and painting. I also love meeting new people and learning about their unique cultures. During High School, I had an opportunity to become an exchange student in Pennsylvania, United States, where I met people from a completely different culture and it was an eye-opening experience for me. Last year I joined I-club and had wonderful experiences with all the events and the people I met. Therefore, I applied to be an officer of I-club this year and my goal is to help create events for the incoming and current international students to experience the American culture and find a home at Cal Poly.

Vice President

Cici Xiao

Hello! My name is Cici. I am a Sophomore majoring in Environmental Management and Protection. I am from Jiangxi, China. I came to the United States as an exchange student in 2014, later started my new chapter here at Cal Poly. The international club has been very organized and helped me when I was helpless. During the first year of college, I was able to establish lifelong friendships with people from all over the world through the I-club. I am honored to be the Vice President this year. Cross cultural issues captivate me. So does the wild nature. I can’t wait to take you to explore the United States and create an unforgettable experience here.


Eugene Chiang

Hello! My name is Eugene, and I'm a fourth year mechanical engineering student at Cal Poly. I met many people from many different countries and backgrounds when I studied abroad, and I was fascinating by it. I picked up culture studies courses and decided to make an effort to meet more people from various backgrounds. I decided to be an officer to not only meet new people but to make sure the international club of Cal Poly is well functioning in order to provide both the domestic and international students opportunities to meet other students from different cultures and backgrounds!


Thomas Smith

Hello, I am Thomas Smith now a Sophomore from humble Holladay, Utah. I have been a lifetime skier until I committed to the beach life here in California where I spend my time either biking or kitesurfing outside of studying for my Engineering degree. I absolutely love to travel and meeting people from abroad never ceases to be a joy! And this club allows students to do just so!

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