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Crisis Response


Safety is the top priority in administering quality study abroad programs. Cal Poly International Center's Director, program supervisor, and participating faculty share the responsibility for monitoring local and national conditions affecting student safety and providing relevant information to program participants. Participants themselves are responsible for becoming familiar with all materials provided and following safety guidelines given by Cal Poly and host institutions. Cal Poly cannot guarantee student safety or eliminate all risks associated with a stay abroad. Orientation information, both printed and oral, contains information for faculty and students about health and safety issues related to international travel. Adherence to this information—along with appropriate behavior, caution, and professional perspective—can prevent many crisis situations. Cal Poly makes every effort to provide students the information they need to make responsible decisions about their participation in, and conduct during, a study abroad program.

Many crises affecting U.S. students overseas arise from lack of preparation, misconduct, or carelessness. Other problems occur when students are victimized by social, political, or natural circumstances beyond their control. Our goal is to take a proactive approach to crisis management. Students and faculty participating in study abroad programs should be apprised of the current political situation and informed of University procedures in case of emergency situations. Pre-planning and professional perspective are emphasized as the best prevention.


Below are some resources and forms to help guide you through a crisis response.

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